Joomla Chat Extension

Joomla Chat Extension 3.2

It can add a live chat room to Joomla and with multiple skins and single sign-in.

It can add a live chat room to Joomla and with multiple skins and single sign-in.

It can add a live chat room to Joomla. And the best part is that a free hosted chat will be assigned to your Joomla, once the module is successfully installed.

Joomla Chat Integration Introduction

It adds a chat room with multiple skins and users single sign-on. Recent changes: social connect feature, better chat room control in Joomla ACP, compatible with the latest Joomla3.3, profile integration & avatar integration, video conference, membership upgrade, mobile app and HTML5 client.

Users integrated: Joomla users access accounts can be fully integrated to chat room.

Single sign-on : No separate login is required.

Profile integrated: Joomla user profiles can be fully integrated to chat room. New!

Avatar inregrated

Mutiple skins: Sixteen skins are available to fit in your CMS.

Various chat clients: A standard Flash client has full features, a small and neat HTML5 client is light and flexible in size and therefore can be used as a shoutbox, etc.

Customize size and interface language to match your CMS.

Admin Panel: A chat admin panel is available for paid user to customize the chat room.

Display chat data: chat room list, online users, chat user names, etc. can be displayed or not.

Social connect features: social sign-on, linking, sharing, Facebook chat, tweet chat and follow a Twitter user. New!

Luxurious chat features: Lobby and private chat, Avatar, smilies, flash emotions, post-notifier, etc.

Free hosted chat available.

Free Video Support for paid users.

30 Days Free Video Support for new text chat buyers.New!

Hand-raising Feature is enabled.New!

16 skins available.New!

Powerful Administration for paid users.

PPM/PPV support for paid users

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Joomla Chat Extension


Joomla Chat Extension 3.2

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